Advantages of cohabitation before marriage

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The reason is that an individual who is living with his life partner may also have sex with another person, which may prompt serious outcomes. Their likes will become your likes, their dislikes will become your dislikes. One may not get to know a partner despite having lived with that person for a long time. Modern life-styles and western influences in the East also are bringing a change in attitude among the youth about marriage. However, after the wedding day, he rapidly changed and became rude and bossy. Cohabitation may be heterosexual or between same genders.

Advantages of cohabitation before marriage

Many youngsters are going in for live-in arrangements before marriage as they prefer to know their partner better. Cohabitation Married people are more satisfied and happier than cohabiters. It helps you figure out what it takes to make a marriage work. Women tend to feel that they lose time, because of their biological clock, and dignity when they live together with a partner that ends in a break-up. Flaws in Cohabitation Cohabitation is not a permanent relationship. Live-in relationships were earlier and still considered a taboo by many. Of those living together, 40 percent will go on to marry within three years. However, live-in relationships are still seen as a scandal. You may have more fun together when you are under the same roof. Love marriages have been around for a long time and have come to be accepted as a normal thing. Although in Western countries many marriages are breaking down still women prefer to marry in order to ensure their financial and emotional security. Children born in such relationships may face social problems in peer group environment. Getting the decision right could make the difference between the success and failure for a long-term relationship. Relationships Marriage has been traditionally accepted as the norm for man and woman relationship in order to have children. There are a lot of people who consider cohabitation as their favourite alternative to marriage, while those individuals who are religious consider cohabitation to be a sinful act, which may provoke the wrath of God. The woman may not receive any alimony although now the law is gearing up towards this end, whereby it favors that the women must not be at the receiving end and should also receive alimony. Their relationship may result in separation, as there is no legal and religious commitment. Cohabitation and marriage are having their own pros and cons. Which one is the best way of living together in this modern world? Your sex life and romantic patterns will be more like marriage when you are living together. Cohabiters are free to engage in sexual intercourse with someone else. However, after the wedding day, he rapidly changed and became rude and bossy. Spending More Time Together Live-in relationships allow you both to spend a lot more time together. Those people who share space or a room are not considered cohabitants. There is nowhere to escape to when you live together, you can't just go home to avoid an uncomfortable situation.

Advantages of cohabitation before marriage

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  1. Those who are against cohabitation believe in this dictum 'Easy come, easy go'. But when you start living together temporarily and then decide to cohabitate without a marriage license, your parents will eventually accept your decision and stop worrying about that.

  2. At the end of the day, it is easier to walk away from a failed relationship, than a failed marriage.

  3. Financial issues may also surface and provide a test Source Pros of Living Together Before Marriage Sharing the financial burdens is much easier with two of you in a household. Cohabitation can become the norm.

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