Best christian marriage books

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But I can say that the response from my husband during and after the times he was going through these books, was a tremendous blessing to me. However, if seeing a counselor is not in your budget, there are some other helpful alternatives. Self-help books written by trained professionals can offer the same guidance through your struggle. This book shows you how to have an argument that will hopefully reach a resolution. Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love by Dr. Boosting Your Marriage Libido: A Christ-Centered Wedding by Catherine Parks — Focused on the wedding ceremony and providing helpful counsel for making the day all about Jesus. But, because we have this thing called pride, we all have a really hard time keeping our hearts in line with this divine ordination.

Best christian marriage books

It talks about changing the dynamic of your sexual relationship by looking at yourself first. Mahaney — A very practical book written specifically for men. These 12 books offer some of the best advice available to couples and offer a more affordable alternative to seeing a marriage counselor. Trending Topics church false teachers sexuality Books I Recommend: Love and Respect Workbook by Emerson Eggerichs This couples workbook comes from the marriage counseling book by the same name. It focuses on letting your partner see you in your most vulnerable state and pushing past pain together. Those struggling in the sexual relationship within marriage may find help and guidance in Intended for Pleasure by Ed Wheat. This highly practical book will not only help you see exactly what you and your husband need, but it even provides plenty of practical suggestions as well. McCarthy and Emily J. It shows you how to express your love and sort through differences without running from marriage. Which ones have you read? It also discusses having sex after children, which is an area that many couples struggle with. The Five Love Languages: Having intimacy means a connection with your partner that breeds a healthy sexual relationship that both parties willingly participate in on a regular basis. But I can say that the response from my husband during and after the times he was going through these books, was a tremendous blessing to me. Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God by C. More so for others than some, but really, marriage has been under fire since the beginning of time. Marriage counselors can offer guidance and advice to help couples through difficult times, as well as provide you with comfort and discretion. The following two tabs change content below. It shows you how to be a better listener and air your own feelings to your partner. Thank goodness I love to read, because it was after I started reading Christian marriage books that I realized just how many things I was doing wrong. Read one or several of these books and completely transform your life and your marriage. Check out my other post: Find it on Amazon Already read the book and just need a few more practical ideas? This book is a smart read for those who want to re-examine their sex life and the vital role it plays in a fulfilling marriage. For couples in this situation, it is a good idea to seek the help of a counselor. I adore my husband, and I want to make him happy as much as I can.

Best christian marriage books

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