Boob pichers

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I now wear a 36H or 34I cup. I'm lucky that my breasts are pretty perky for their size after I wore the wrong bra size for so long! I've been an average, steady weight all my life. I used to wear a 34DD, but I got fitted, and my correct size is much more supportive and comfortable. I think I'm done growing, but I can't be sure. I hate that they began to sag recently almost all of a sudden , maybe because I gained and then lost about 25 lbs.

Boob pichers

Thank you for such an informative site. I have not gotten official measurements, but I wear DD bras. I'm 5'9" tall, and weighed between and pounds since age This website does help me feel better about myself. They have always been big and not perky. Although I was delighted to discover last year that I'd been wearing the wrong size bra 34A and moved up to a B-cup, I wasn't entirely satisfied. I think I'm done growing, but I can't be sure. I think my breasts are wonderful and they make me feel like a lovely and feminine woman. I no longer wish to deceive myself and proudly go braless. I really love what this website is doing for women of all ages, showing us that "normal" is a very broad term and it's not limited to a certain "look". I've been considering augmentation since I grew these things! It's hard for me to feel attractive during the summer, especially at the beach, because of the scarring on my breasts and arms. Who would have guessed? I started my period at 12 and have had several breast growth spurts since then. So don't worry, ladies! It also helped tremendously when my 4-year-old niece cuddled up to me one night before bedtime, nuzzling her cheek against my breast like a kitten. He calls my breasts "fun size" like the mini candy bars which I think is cute. Some stories below are very frank and may mention various kinds of events and difficulties in people's lives e. I am obese but so far my boobs have just gotten bigger and not necessarily more saggy. I hope my breasts can make someone feel better about theirs like the breasts already posted have made me feel better about mine. One day I am planning on reduction surgery, I would just like to wait until I have children so I can breastfeed. Recently I read your bra-free page and it made me realize that breasts as small as mine really don't need a bra, so I started to go without, but would look in the mirror and dislike how flat and droopy my boobs looked, and then it really hit me, how am I ever supposed to feel comfortable with my breasts if I'm constantly wearing a bra to make them look big, perky, and round the opposite of the way they ARE? I'm really embarrassed by how saggy they are, it's stopped me from getting close to anyone, because I am too embarrassed for anyone else to see them. However, this morning, after looking at your website for a while, I had an epiphany. Although this site has helped me a lot in gaining a bit of confidence about it, I still don't feel comfortable with myself, and am ashamed. My breasts always had an effect on my self-esteem growing up. I've been told that's because I developed very quickly at the young age of eleven.

Boob pichers

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