Civ rev achievements

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Make a library and university or market and bank if you are going for the gold , a courthouse and any wonders that improve trade. If spies are blowing stuff up, set up some spies at home. Build a town in the midst of mountains and trees. Therefore, the Mongols are useful for someone who likes using a lot of cities. After a few turns you will have horseback riding. Do not change from despotism. Start the "golden age" scenario as the English. All of these combined will definitely get you the

Civ rev achievements

They are mobile, but in this plan your units shouldn't be moving except on or off the boat. Switch production in your capital and the two captured cities to libraries. However, by the time you get to the next cities they will have archer armies defending them and the warrior armies will get slaughtered. This may take several tries, but it can be successful on the first try. Only archer armies or fortified single archers will stop them. Most people misread this and believe that you must not have more than one city, but that is incorrect. Win 20 battles with one unit[ edit ] go on king or higher and then go on beta centauri. If there are none easily accessible, practice on enemy towns. Give three different abilities and their abilities will transfer over to the army. The best I find is the Romans on beta centauri. Take the rest of the day off. Hopefully you can avoid wasting time building armies in your cities. Find out where the enemy capitals are, go back to an earlier save, reload and go straight for them. Don't sprinkling a few bombs overhead before the fleet arrives thinking you'll soften them up. After a few turns you will have horseback riding. You don't win any different; only the capitols count. That's only 4 cities. Then do the same with horsemen. Basically, you only need to take the capitol cities. Research the tech that is required for your person for example, my problems were with gilgamesh, so I researched horseback riding first if you research their tech, they become more likely to appear. Win a Domination Victory[ edit ] There have been many suggested strategies for winning this, but I think this can be done easier than anything I've read online. After a while, you will hit culture. What not to do: Hopefully, it won't come to that. Focus on money at first. It has been said that it is impossible to get this achievement using a civilization that starts with a government other than despotism.

Civ rev achievements

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  1. Just don't try this on deity, the computer earns enough extra resources each turn to overcome it! Win a Cultural victory on Deity difficulty[ edit ] Techniques:

  2. You will gain approximately 20 people per game, but this does not always get the ones you want.

  3. Win a Domination Victory[ edit ] There have been many suggested strategies for winning this, but I think this can be done easier than anything I've read online. Knights and Spies are all you should need for a Domination victory.

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