Embracing singleness

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She took my cheeks in her hands and squeezed them sternly. He can be trusted to provide and protect. But only you know what is required to make that happen. I loved being single! The Song of Solomon is a love story of how God pursues relationship with us; how delighted He is when we respond; and how totally contented and secure we become in His love. You are stronger than you think. I had to make a decision to either forgive myself and move on or to dwell in pity of my past.

Embracing singleness

You are already enough. Trust God can be trusted. Or learned a new language? Well I did just that and each guy that I met I would take it out and compare them to my list. In , she married Ron, a widower, and was blessed with a family of six children; all now adults. Date when you feel ready and excited about it—and not a moment sooner. Just be patient spend this time getting closer to God. Knowing that gives wonderful freedom to do all He asks with joy! Pray over it and place it in a bible and forget about it. But how many of us know God is a deliverer! But this is your season for adventure. It can be difficult making every decision in life all by yourself. Putting your heart on the line and having it rejected can be devastating. I longed to someday have a family and be a wife, and it all felt suddenly so far away. Taking the car to get fixed can be intimidating. She took my cheeks in her hands and squeezed them sternly. But just among us friends. Relationships are about compromise, and that sacrificial gesture is a beautiful thing. More seasons lie ahead. Jump into the ministry He puts before you. He can be trusted to provide and protect. There are so many things to do. Without pointing fingers or making generalizations, a lot of people think the solution to losing a love is to find another. Enjoy the freedom and opportunities that are unique to this time. Purity is possible, even today. I had fallen before I met my husband and I honestly believed that I was damaged goods.

Embracing singleness

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  1. And suddenly, that self-pity turns to self-confidence. One thing you desire is purity because it is the pure in heart that will see God Matt 5:

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