Example response to custody summons

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If there are financial issues, such as child support, is there anything else I will need to file? Read the Complaint There is a number in front of each paragraph in the complaint. It contains a lot of detail about schedules for visits and holidays, as well as other details that can help you as you try to make a parenting plan that is best for your children. If you do not reach an agreement in mediation, you will both go in front of the judge so he or she can make a decision in your case. Take the original Answer and Certificate of Service to the court named in the Complaint. Serve your papers on the other parent Serve a copy of the Responsive Declaration to Request for Order Form FL and any other papers you attached, on the other parent, at least 9 days before the hearing. Some paragraphs in the complaint may have more than one statement. What is a "Certificate of Service"?

Example response to custody summons

If you do not reach an agreement in mediation, you will both go in front of the judge so he or she can make a decision in your case. The response should start with your name as it appeared on the original petition. Your Answer goes into the court file. They also list the facts as the Plaintiff sees them. You can say, "I deny that Rafe's birthday is 3 November, This will be your heading. You must file your answer in the same court that is on the Complaint. If you need to write an Answer, include: It is better to file a late answer than no answer, but not all clerks will accept a late answer. If possible, have your family law facilitator review it to make sure it was filled out properly. If the plaintiff has a lawyer, you can mail a copy just to the lawyer. It is very important you go to this court hearing if you want to participate in the case. The number of days you to serve your response varies. Read the summons and make sure you know the date you must answer by. Make sure you ask the court clerk for the procedure in your court and that you know when to return to pick up your paperwork. How do I answer the complaint? One is for you. Talk to a lawyer if you want legal advice, someone to go to court with you, or other legal help. Mail one copy to the plaintiff or the plaintiff's lawyer. You must respond to the papers you received if you want the court to know what your position is about child custody and visitation. They are listed on the first page of the Request for Order. The Defendant's name - your name. How much does it cost to file an Answer? Type on the left hand side, "In RE: If you have been served with papers that ask the court to issue an order about child custody and visitation arrangements, you should respond if you want to have input into the final decision.

Example response to custody summons

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