Gordon ramsay hearing aid

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There are two options, since it would be absurd to describe him as English. I should add that the Christian Bale example is a poor one. Rather than bunching up even more links in the first sentence, we should leave it without the "Scottish" but implied by giving his birthplace and then add a paragraph in the article body about how he self-identifies as Scottish despite having lived in England. Ramsay does not have strong connections to any other part of the UK. So really it should be stated as English. Ramsay being described as British simply isn't consistent with the majority of wikipedia. I changed the damn thing back myself. Which is entirely reasonable.

Gordon ramsay hearing aid

The inclusion of such things causes endless edit warring in cases of potential ambiguity see the annals of Talk: And having said that he was born in Scotland, and we later say to Scottish parents, underlining that by repetition would seem to be unnecessary, but that, too, is only my opinion. The accompanying infobox displays his place of birth, while the bulk of the article describes his childhood and career development in both Scotland and England. Surely that makes sense. Are you seriously suggesting that Ramsay can be described as English because he became famous while living there? I strongly advise editors to refer to WP: Christian Bale has strong connections to multiple parts of the United Kingdom. Rather than changing the pages of all other British chefs, it makes sense to make Ramsay's consistent with the pages of other British chefs. It has no bearing on his nationality. There's no possible way he can be called English, so the two options are Scottish or British. That is why the lead sentence does not mention his nationality. OSE only applies to entire articles, not the content within articles. What I'm proposing isn't out of the norm considering the small list of chefs you listed do not have strong connections to more than 1 part of the United Kingdom. Whether you like it or not Gordon Ramsay is British There's no indication of his nationality in the lead sentence. This is no different from any other British bio. Had I moved to Nigera at the age of 6 and been raised there, there is still no way I could ever be Nigerian unless I seek citizenship and even that is secondary to place of birth and parentage. Both of Bale's parents are English. He was born in Scotland to Scottish parents. It's already in the infobox. Since he has a big connection to more than 1 of the constituent countries, I believe the term British to be more accurate here He's also British, which takes into account his connection to England and is a more fair term to use. To where your business started and a significant amount of it is still located? The reverse isn't true. I'm not sure how I can be any clearer. I changed the damn thing back myself.

Gordon ramsay hearing aid

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  1. The guideline also states that In the normal case this will mean the country of which the person is a citizen or national, or was a citizen when the person became notable. That is why I removed his place of birth and replaced it with "Scottish chef".

  2. I don't know if the problem is the perceived implication that "Scottish chef" means he cooks Scottish food. She said he was Scottish referring to where he was born.

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