Hands free hypnotic orgasm

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I look forward to putting you under my hypnotic spell soon. Now, if you are receiving appropriate and competent care then the think off or no touch orgasm is something worth exploring. I think I'm in love Feel yourself exploding into my mouth as I swallow every last drop of your cum. For example, from now on, whenever I say the word Sleep, in addition to becoming more relaxed and going deeper into trance, you will feel yourself getting more aroused. As you breathe in, feel all of the tension and stress in your feet build up…and as you breathe out, feel all of that tension and stress wash away. Sit or lie down, and take a moment to get in a position that you feel like you could stay in for a while.

Hands free hypnotic orgasm

I can say that R got to experience one of my hands free hypnotic orgasms. No matter how horny or aroused you become, you cannot cum until I allow you to. Thought hmmm may as well let everyone know. Talked him into a hypnosis session and had him go under so deeply. In addition, you cannot stroke or touch your cock at all, because I am going to make you cum without you touching yourself. Considering my chosen profession that seems a bit of a contradiction. And the more times that I repeat this word, the deeper and deeper into relaxation you will go. Feel your body respond to every step that you take. Very safe too thank you! You are ready to cum for me. So to start this session, we will do a simple breathing technique. This is not the same as a Membership account. And now that your legs are completely relaxed and tired, feel that warm, soothing wave move up to cover your stomach and chest. Feel yourself becoming aroused. Feel the muscles loosen and, and your feet become heavier and heavier. And once you have settled down, you can get ready to come out of trance. Every step downwards is going to make your body more relaxed and more calm. The details to the mental fuckery is for me to hold close to my breast for if I told you here then that would ruin my fun. You are so close to cumming as your cock aches and throbs and drips pre-cum. Make sure that you will be free from distractions by muting your phone and closing windows on your computer that could make sounds. Yeah worked for sure! For example, from now on, whenever I say the word Sleep, in addition to becoming more relaxed and going deeper into trance, you will feel yourself getting more aroused. Feel the wave move from your chest and stomach into your arms, washing all the way down to your fingertips. It is even nicer that reputable scientists have started doing even more. To have a man stroke less. I want you to become harder and harder. Log in with a commenting account or register a commenting account if you don't have one.

Hands free hypnotic orgasm

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  1. As noted before, Carrellas is getting good press for doing something that many of us have known about and done for years. Yeah worked for sure!

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