Make cover photos private

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Certain information, like your name, current profile picture and cover photo, will always be viewable by strangers. So that was basically where that all began. In Legacy Josh breaks up with Reed when he finds her with Dash. But don't worry, you still have the final say. Your browser does not support the video tag. Halls of residence[ edit ] Easton Academy is unofficially distinguished by a caste -like environment, socially divided by lower-, middle-, and upper-class dormitories. As the series progresses, Noelle becomes Reed's best friend and ally. And then it just from there became, 'Who is my main character going to be?

Make cover photos private

Reed Brennan The collected, curious protagonist, Reed is a brown-haired girl from Pennsylvania who enters Easton Academy for her sophomore year on a scholarship at the beginning of the first book. Your browser does not support the video tag. She becomes a secondary character following the completion of the series' first arc. All you need to do next is to put the finishing touches and enjoy your memories once the book arrives at your door. But you can determine who sees other kinds of content. However, halfway through Vanished Reed is forced to break up with Josh, because someone is holding Noelle hostage and is giving Reed tasks to win her life back. The series' original Billings Girls Billings House An upperclassmen dorm for girls, recognized as the most prestigious of all houses in the series. Hull Hall Hull Hall is where members of staff reside. Simply tell us where you would like your photo book delivered and it will be with you in a flash. Coming from a shaken family and a mundane everyday life, she is eager to explore the brand new setting that awaits her in Connecticut. Like Kiran, Taylor becomes a secondary character following the completion of the series' first arc. Furthermore, some are not above resorting to methods such as bribery, blackmail, and treachery. She has extremely good sense in fashion, and is capable of turning people into superstar lookalikes. Drake House Drake is a dormitory for upperclassmen boys, nicknamed "Dreck" because it is supposedly where all the unsavory boys at Easton live. Don't worry, it is all fully private as it all happens on your phone or tablet and your photos are not uploaded anywhere. Where are we going to get the mystery from? It was pretty natural. Of the original covers, the models appearing on the first book—who grace the next three installments as well—portray the following characters according to Kate Brian: Halls of residence[ edit ] Easton Academy is unofficially distinguished by a caste -like environment, socially divided by lower-, middle-, and upper-class dormitories. Moenks and co-photographer Laurent Alfieri had collaborated before working on Private, at some points taking photos of young businesswomen from around the world to illustrate a series of articles written by David Benaym for L'Officiel. Characters[ edit ] Private has an expansive cast and a regularly changing hierarchy. She is also known to be shallow and 'bratty' to others. Add photos from your camera roll, Instagram, Dropbox or Facebook. To do so, go to your profile page and click the three dots in the bottom right corner of your cover photo. Our Magic Books algorithm will do it for you in seconds and you can just focus on the best part — putting on the finishing touches and enjoying your memories. Though gifted both academically and athletically, her first major aspiration at Easton is to get into Billings House, which holds the allure of great social privileges and respect.

Make cover photos private

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