Nero playing the fiddle

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One such story is that of Nero merrily playing the fiddle while Rome burned in the Great Fire of the first century. At this time, a courier arrived with a report that the Senate had declared Nero a public enemy and that it was their intention to execute him by beating him to death and that armed men had been sent to apprehend him for the act to take place in the Forum. After it was over, 70 percent of the city had been destroyed. Nero the Artist Nero's enthusiasm for music, however, led him into difficulties. This is due to the fact that the fiddle was not invented until much later, possibly in the 11 th century.

Nero playing the fiddle

Scholars generally credit Nero's advisors Burrus and Seneca with the administrative successes of these years. So he arranged for a fire to break out in order to clear the aristocratic dwellings on the slopes of the Palatine Hill and gleefully fiddled as he watched the fire encompassing Rome. His maternal grandparents were Germanicus and Agrippina the Elder ; his mother, Caligula 's sister. Paul, which states explicitly the damage done by the fire — according to him, only four blocks of insulae a type of apartment building and private houses were damaged or destroyed. By showing that only a small amount of damage was inflicted by the fire, it would have highlighted the unjust punishment meted out against the Christians. Three were leveled to the ground. This instrument, only one of the many fiddles in the seventeenth century, superseded the others in popularity and has practically appropriated the name to itself. He then, of course, needed a scapegoat for his actions, so he blamed the Christians for the fire because of their apocalyptic belief that Rome and the world would end by fire. Indeed, there is concrete evidence of this fact. The other seven were reduced to a few scorched and mangled ruins," writes the contemporary Roman historian Tacitus. Chaos would ensue in the year of the Four Emperors. The Senate also allowed Agrippina two lictors during public appearances, an honor that was customarily bestowed upon only magistrates and the Vestalis Maxima. Ara Pacis on the reverse. Furthermore, two future emperors, Otho and Vitellius, would use the memory of Nero to gain the support of the Roman people. During this speech, Nero spoke about "eliminating the ills of the previous regime". Tacitus , Suetonius , and Greek historian Cassius Dio. Varner, over fifty such images survive. He had bribed organizers to postpone the games for a year so he could participate, [99] and artistic competitions were added to the athletic events. Read the next page to find out more about the origins of the fiddling Nero story. Thus, Nero would not have been about to watch on while it burned. Tacitus was the only Roman writer alive during that period, apart from Pliny the Elder, who wrote about the fire. An agreement was thereafter reached with the Parthians: Since these terms are rarely found in Roman literature, it is probable that their use was largely confined to oral expression. Image of Nero fiddling while Rome burns by leviathansmiles. The Sibylline Oracles, Book 5 and 8, written in the 2nd century, claimed Nero was the antichrist, and it has even been suggested that the number in the Book of Revelation is a code for Nero.

Nero playing the fiddle

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  1. Many of these disciplines were standard education for the Roman elite, but Nero's devotion to music exceeded what was socially acceptable for a Roman of his class. Tacitus mentions that Nero's death was welcomed by Senators, nobility and the upper class.

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