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I had left my husband after a 17 year marriage with no home for my son and I. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for meeting with us and being so kind to us as we started the home building process last year. Although not always the case, r-selection is more common among smaller animals with shorter lifespans and, frequently, non-overlapping generations, such as fish or insects. It speaks volumes when you still have so many willing to give a testimonial after it is all said and done! Then I introduce the concept of phenotype diversifying selection; this refers to those selective forces which favour an increase in the number of phenotypes produced during a single life cycle by an organism's genotype and epigenetic system. They are very customer centric, passionate and committed to producing a quality home for their clients. The male guards the nest and tends the young for an extended period. On one extreme are the species that are highly r-selected. In one family, with ten children, for example, there is no way for the parents to put as much time, energy, or resources into all of them as could be done with an only child.


Now imagine that you're an animal faced with the following choice: On one extreme are the species that are highly r-selected. They care about their clients. However, each of these young has a high probability of mortality, and does not benefit from the protection or nurturing of a caring parent or parents. We believe choosing where you live is as important as how you live. It should be noted that r- and K-selection are the extremes at both ends of a continuum and that most species fall somewhere inbetween. Working with Kathy Dumas throughout the home building process gave us assurance we had a champion on our side! Kathy was wonderful helping with every design need from the layout, to the granite and tile, to the flooring and cabinets, to the color selections. I told you last year how pleasant I thought they all were and I can only reiterate that today after having had men in all day. Predictions are made of the effects of these different developmental patterns on genome size and the distribution and amounts of nucleoskeletal RNA and heterochromatin. As you might imagine, there are many ways to be reproductively successful. It was so nice getting to know you and meeting some of the people you have built for in the past. And in a poor economy that sold in 3 months. We consider them friends. I relied on her expertise in design to help make the right choices for our home. This trend is further extended if the female also carries the young in the case of internal fertilization or has a greater role in parental care once the babies are born. Anyone who has had a house built from the ground up knows the minute details that go into the completed product. A whale tends for a single calf. It speaks volumes when you still have so many willing to give a testimonial after it is all said and done! For example, elephants are highly K-selected, whereas mice are much more r-selected. There are no moral judgements. We consider them more than our builders. Located in northern Guilford County in Oak Ridge, Riverside has all the amenities of a city in a beautiful country setting. The end result is a spectacularly beautiful home, with very little stress on our part, built by people that we now consider friends. Such a species puts only a small investment of resources into each offspring, but produces many such low effort babies. K-selected reproductive strategies tend towards heavy investment in each offspring, are more common in long-lived organisms, with a longer period of maturation to adulthood, heavy parental care and nurturing, often a period of teaching the young, and with fierce protection of the babies by the parents.


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  1. They made recommendations to help us keep the construction within our budget, and even provided cost saving ideas along the way. From our first meeting with Paul, we had a high degree of confidence in him, which he proved was well earned.

  2. You built us a beautiful home and have made the entire experience very enjoyable. Moreover, Rich and Kathy are simply wonderful people, and that goes a long way toward making the home building process that much more enjoyable!

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