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This makes no sense. Whew, I'm getting linked out. He even thanked me for it. Can you frame for me your reasons for seeing groups as undesirable? I'm not really sure if you care,but a "Hindu" is someone who practices a set of beliefs that originated in India, that are sometimes referred to as Santana Dharma. While he was helping himself with the money, the master stopped and called, "Don't take all of it. I went to boarding school in darjeeling and we had a lot of Bhutanese students, and I must say they are a very tough lot, very tough lot indeed.


Wait, Godel a Buddhist? Welcome to the sanga. Easy there, big fella. But if one accepts the teachings of Buddha, then one is expected to follow the eightfold path. If we're one, give me all your money, sign over your house to me, and get out of my sight. Another example would be the infamous l'esprit de l'escalier. Make sure you're not dealing with one who can kick your ass. And the word is allowed. It's only a choice. I'll be me in mine, thank you. I respect the Zen It's you telling you to do this, so listen. A red strawberry, from no-hand to you. No effort, no work, no job, no savings and money, a choice, right now, between fear and love. In a non dual way, we approach a twofold path for own sake, freedom and liberation. Can you frame for me your reasons for seeing groups as undesirable? I find such a view ridiculous. At medium distance, you could argue either way, I guess. Whew, I'm getting linked out. The person I never meet is one with whom I will never have conflict, after all But hey, we've all got dreams, eh? Why are they so important in the Buddhist path and to our spiritual growth until we liberate ourselves and attain Enlightenment. Lord Buddha never said, "Join my group. It is the same approach as we undergo with the detachment from everything that is material: Do you believe that people who follow a spiritual path are 'lesser' than you? And what about this devout Buddhist in Columbus, who begins with the cheerful observation that the sun is going to burn out, what's the point? As to missionary Zen


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  1. It stands as opposed to the notion and the feelings of guilt we may have by accusing ourselves in being ignorant, which is also a misunderstanding of ANATTA, the theory of non self.

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