Slow and sensual

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I hope I have convinced you to give it a try and better yet, put it on you and your lovers sexual menu and serve often. My most powerful sex tricks and tips aren't on this site. A great way to do this in a sexy, hot way is by taking a shower with him and washing. If you can find out what year he graduated from high school and throw in a couple of romantic ones from that year, you will make him melt. Start By Showering…With Him A big part of having sensual sex with your man is showing him how much you care. It may be new for you to be the party planner but never fear, with these sure fire tips, you will be an expert in no time. But… Be strong and remember your goal is slow and you want to make him wait as long as you can.

Slow and sensual

Click here to get it. Make him slippery and it will be easy to slide your hand around the base. Chris Isaac — Wicked Games This is such a sensual and romantic song. He may be very sensitive and any touch at all can be uncomfortable for a few minutes. Almost Time To Blow — Lift yourself off of him and ask him to open his legs. Continue to make out with him. Blow By Blow — Swirl your tongue around the tip and twist your hand around the base of his penis and enjoy his going wild under your touch. Then circle back up until your hand is on his face. At this point, you might be like me and be super hungry to go down on him. Begin to stroke him with your fingers…very lightly and then hold him with a strong hand and feel his strength and hardness. Join our mailing list to be the first to know about the latest pole dancing news and products. Foxes — Glorious This is another sensual song with sweet female vocals over the top. The biggest challenge when it comes to introducing your man to sensual sex is to control the timing. My most powerful sex tricks and tips aren't on this site. Once again use your fingernails to lightly scratch his skin. Tell him to put his hands behind his head. Reassure him that you want that too. Maintain eye contact with him and starting at his collar bones, lightly draw your fingertips down the center of his chest all the way to the tip of his penis and then away toward his hip bones. Have him stretch his arms above his head and put them on the shower wall. Remember, you are in charge. A sure fire trick is to ask it this way, Be sure to reward his answer by doing something like pressing your breasts against his back and sliding them against his skin. I wish I could feel your mouth on me. Want to Learn Pole Dancing? Tell him you love him like this…hard and excited. Settle back, kneeling now and once again reach up toward his chest and allow your nipples to brush his skin gently. Mix it up a little and surprise him. It contains a number of oral sex techniques that will give your man full-body, shaking orgasms.

Slow and sensual

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  1. You might be the very first woman to show him just how much fun the slow way can be. An easy way to control the timing is with a great massage.

  2. Setting The Scene For Seduction Starting with something as simple as opening the windows for a few minutes to bring in fresh air and clear out any stale smells is great.

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