Sonic the hedgehog drawing

Note, that fists and feet are very disproportionate. Oh - there's one tiny detail that I added here - different from the last step. One thing you'll notice - is that I've left out his back spike and his tail. Use light and smooth lines for the first stages. Right under his upper-right arm, you can see a small arc, completing his body. Here though is a special case. Using a curved line draw the line of eyes. Erase all the remaining guidelines. Step 3 At this step we add volume to the body of Sonic.

Sonic the hedgehog drawing

Surely, you can visualize where and how they would look if his arms were to take on a different position. Right under the first circle draw another one, but a little smaller. Step 3 At this step we add volume to the body of Sonic. And other than that - you're all done the lesson! Step 6 Darken the lines of the hands and torso. Here's how to draw Sonic, beginning with his head Using ovals draw pupils. First Step - How to Draw Sonic's Head As you can see in image '1' below, Sonic can be broken down into a series of very simple lines and shapes. Well, we're at the very end of the lesson now. Next thing to do - take out the pencil crayons and add some color to your drawing. Step 7 Darken the lines of the legs. Final Step - Sonic the Hedgehog Complete! If you wanted to - you could actually leave this part out. I incorporated this as it gives you a nice visual ahead of time for how each portion of his head will fall into place. Step 2 Using triangles sketch out ears. Let's take a look at the finished version Search How to Draw Sonic the Hedgehog For this lesson - how to draw Sonic - I realized that there are at least a couple distinct looks that Sonic the Hedgehog can take on. Note, that the eyes are not separated i. Using lines draw guidelines for hands and legs. Note, that fists and feet are very disproportionate. Drawing Tutorials , Games 0 Hello, dear friends! Perhaps the coolest part in the examples above, is the way each spike curves around with each line in the framework. Erase the guidelines and draw the circle on the belly. And so, here's how to draw Sonic's body That's how to draw Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic the hedgehog drawing

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