Taurus person

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Every shade of blue, from powder to indigo, will weaken her strong resistance. Suddenly, your small bull's face turns a deep, bluish-purple-red color, and a wail is heard that brings every nurse on the floor rushing into the room. Take care of your health this year. Making a good impression is important to her, and lots of Taurean women encourage their husbands to aim for a secure future by inviting influential people to dinner. When this girl ties on an apron, it's not just to make cinnamon toast. And their foresight is why we are a great nation.

Taurus person

Then you're sure to have a strong, gentle man, who will protect you from all the storms. Bing Crosby is also famous for his unruffled personality and his calm, easygoing manner. You don't know what you're talking about," at which point he'll dig in those heels, fold his arms across that beefy chest, and begin to pout-or clobber you- whichever. I'll go along with awarding a blue ribbon in recognition of the Taurus fortitude. Taurean men and women seem to be glued to both their seats and their opinions. The average bull is superbly healthy, with a strong constitution. Can you imagine what will happen if you make a splash in say Saudi Arabia? You may have had a big increase in the size of your family with marriages and births gracing your life. That's not meant to imply that the Taurus female isn't smart and clever. Taurus won't budge an inch. Of course, it is also about death, as this is the death house and Saturn is a death sign. Her flowers must be real, and have am honest feel or fragrance. Remember that he can't remain stubborn against physical demonstrations of affection. Copper, the Taurean metal, is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, and it glows with burnished beauty through years of use and wear. But it is likely it will turn out well for you in the end because you have so much assistance from people in high places. But he'll also shower them with his time and devotion, and the firm hand of discipline will be there when it's needed. It's a rare Taurus girl who has never been on a farm nor hiked in the country-who doesn't love horseback riding and fishing. That will undoubtedly interest you, but to interest her, an object or an idea has to appeal to her finely tuned senses. Please remember to say a prayer for those who are less fortunate, especially the kids with cancer. He's almost sure to have a favorite song that reminds him of you each time he hears it. Com-bined with financial security and romance, there's little else to ask for. Few Taureans will fail to accumulate at least security, if not wealth. Quick fortunes without a solid foundation don't appeal to her sense of stability. If not, I'll stay down here. A man who marries a female born in May won't marry a cry baby or a gold digger. You have Saturn making things rather difficult for you in one of your financial axis, but it will also give you perspective and pragmatism, which you need because you may be rather emotionally involved.

Taurus person

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